Welcome to Marine Kinetic Energy, where we design and deploy Sustainable Power Plants.

Power generation and energy storage technologies are continuously evolving to accommodate our ever-increasing demand for electricity. Earnest Smith, the visionary engineer, oversaw how non-renewable energy resources like combustible fuels affect the climate, releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Earnest Smith laid the foundation of Marine Kinetic Energy in 2019, solely focusing on low-cost energy harvesting power plants that produce zero emissions.

Redefining sustainable energy.

Renewable energy is energy derived from the Earth’s natural resources that benefit mankind by providing energy without depleting the planet’s resources. These resources such as sunlight, tides, wind, rain, waves, thermal and biomass energy have the advantage of being available in one form or another almost everywhere. They are virtually infinite. And, most importantly, they cause little or no environmental or climate damage.

Fossil fuels, on the contrary, are available in limited quantities only. As we keep on extracting them, they will run out sooner or later. Furthermore, the combustion process associated with fossil fuels is not sustainable and causes negative impacts on the environment. Therefore, scientists and visionary are trying to find ways for better alternate green and sustainable energy that will not only benefit mankind but also doesn’t leave a negative impact on the environment.

Here at Marine Kinetic Energy, we have developed a groundbreaking energy harvesting method to move the market forward with a first-of-its-kind PSI-generated renewable energy plant. MKE leverages massive amounts of deep-water pressure in the form of pounds-per-square-inch (PSI). This technology is easily deployable deep under oceans, shallow water, and even land with some upgrades.


Our groundbreaking, scalable energy solutions can be implemented with any production plant and provide our clients with affordable clean energy. Currently, our patents include three designs revolving around three major use cases: Shallow water energy generation, Deepwater systems using ocean depth PSI to derive consistent and powerful energy returns, mobile and deployable systems utilizing advanced Hydro Devices to achieve a remarkable energy return on investment (EROI).  Security is integrated throughout the systems to ensure safety and reliability, protecting the system from unwanted hazards.