We are expanding in the renewable energy sector to satisfy the rapidly increasing industrial demands and provide our clients with personalized solutions per their requirements.

Land-Based and deep-water systemsPower requirements vary, and so do the environments in which they are needed. MKE systems have been designed with this in mind. Deepwater systems take advantage of the enormous pressures of ocean waters rather than relying on current or wave motion. This unique method of capturing water’s sheer weight and converting it to energy is unique, safe, and powerful. Shallow water systems require only a small pond or lake, and all take advantage of highly efficient energy transfer.

Low operational cost power generation The systems are autonomous and self-powered, requiring only one initial deployment of charged battery to start. Afterward, batteries are only required if a portion is taken offline for maintenance or upgrade – batteries in place will have been charged by the generators when embedded in the system. Once started, it is as sustainable as a hydroelectric dam or nuclear facility, but with no massive infrastructure, environmental disruption, or associated risk.

Power Plant Upgrades Designed to scale, multiple generators can take advantage of the intake and water motion systems, meaning power generation is limited only by the availability of a small amount of water and a space to deploy the system. In addition, the system components are modularized, enabling portions of the system to be taken offline for upgrade or maintenance without disruption to overall power generation.

Tactical power Our high-efficiency portable power generator system is powerful yet scalable enough to power small towns, remote installations, and a more extensive power generator system of 100MW or more. It can be deployed on a trailer, a truck, or even on a plane where local water sources can fill the tanks.